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About us

Your Destination for Holistic Wellness & Beauty

Meet Alex Ramos, CRNA

Leading Excellence in Aesthetic & Wellness Care

As the founder of Island Drip & Med Spa in Galveston, TX, Alex Ramos, CRNA has combined his extensive medical expertise with a passion for helping others improve their health and physical appearance.

The advanced skills he’s developed as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist working alongside some of the most experienced cardiologists, cosmetic surgeons, and ER doctors are what set him and Island Drip & Med Spa apart in the aesthetics and wellness space.

Alex always knew there was a need for advanced, safe, and effective wellness and aesthetics services delivered with integrity and the highest level of care. The result is a unique approach that strives for perfection in the service and personalized attention you receive.

From the Operating Room to the Medical Spa

His rigorous training at Case Western Reserve University gave Alex a deep understanding of the human body and the nuances of patient care. But his work in Level 1 trauma centers, Pediatric trauma and burn units, and cardiovascular units was a whole other education unto itself. 

Not only does he prioritize patient safety and the precise application of treatments, he understands the psychological impact they can have on a patient’s confidence and wellbeing. And he takes the time to explain every procedure so you know what to expect and how to achieve fantastic results that last. 

Alex saw the glaring gap in both medicine and aesthetics. Patients often encountered a cold and uninviting environment that failed to comfort their fears and worries before undergoing a procedure. And many of the aesthetics and wellness services he observed seem too transactional—focusing more on the benefits to the business rather than the client. 

He knew people needed (and wanted) a space where they could expect clinical excellence with compassionate care while feeling heard and knowing they were in good hands. 

Alex’s mission was to create a space that serves as a sanctuary. A place where clients can be cared for as valued members of the Galveston and surrounding communities.  

At Island Drip & Med Spa, you can expect to receive honest and expert guidance at every step of your journey toward looking, feeling, and living your best.

Education & Experience

Meet Megan Anderson, RN

Your Guide to a Higher Level of Aesthetic & Wellness Treatments

Megan Anderson, RN is an experienced medical professional whose expert guidance is at the heart of Island Drip & Med Spa’s services. Her work in trauma and pediatric ER, and her path to aesthetics and wellness, have fueled her dedication to helping others. 

Her background as an ER nurse brings a level of safety and attentiveness that’s rare in the wellness and aesthetics industries. She addresses all her clients’ concerns with a thorough understanding of their health history and goals. 

And she does it all with the care and medical excellence needed to make sure every treatment provides dramatic results.

A Personalized Start to Your Aesthetics and Wellness Treatment Plan

Whether you’re curious about Morpheus8 and immune-boosting IV drips, or you’re looking for a comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution, Megan takes the time to understand all your concerns. 

And she uses advanced assessment methods to ensure that every treatment is perfectly suited to your body, facial anatomy, and skin type.

Clients praise her expert guidance and warm personal touch from the moment they walk in until long after they’ve completed their treatments. They receive individualized aftercare instructions, and Megan is available to them for any questions so they get the best results with little to no discomfort.   

She embodies Island Drip & Med Spa’s mission of providing honest, informative, and empathetic care while helping you set realistic expectations to achieve outstanding results.

Megan also knows the uncertainties and anxiety many clients have during their first aesthetic and wellness treatments. That’s why her approach is all about making sure you feel supported and at ease throughout your entire treatment plan. 

With Megan at your side, you’re in the hands of a professional who treats every procedure as a step toward enhancing your appearance and living a more active and healthy life. 

It’s not just about the services we offer, but the trusted relationships we build with our clients, making Megan and the Island Drip & Med Spa team the trusted authority residents in Galveston and the surrounding areas can turn to for all their aesthetics and wellness needs.

Education & Experience

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These experiences highlight not just the quality of our treatments, but our commitment to making each visit memorable.
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