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Your Gateway to Wellness on Galveston Island

Right in the heart of downtown Galveston, Island Drip & Med Spa isn’t your typical day spa. We offer full-service wellness center treatments that nourish your body from within. Unlike traditional day spas in Galveston Texas, we combine serenity with medical expertise for science-backed results. 

The New Era of Wellness

IV Drips, IM Boosters, and Medical Weight Loss

We offer a full-spectrum wellness experience centered around three core elements:

IV Drip Therapy

IV Drips deliver the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs directly into your bloodstream for optimal absorption. Our customized IV drip blends address everything from boosting your immune system to enhancing athletic performance—even faster hangover recovery!

IM Boosters

IM Boosters are injections into the muscle containing essential vitamins and nutrients. These targeted injections offer a convenient and effective way to address specific deficiencies or support your overall well-being.

Medical Weight Loss

Our personalized medical weight loss programs combine the guidance of experienced medical professionals with cutting-edge strategies to help you achieve sustainable weight management goals. We create a customized plan tailored to your needs, addressing underlying health concerns and promoting healthy lifestyle habits.

IV Drips

Replenish, Revive, and Rejuvenate Quickly

IV drip therapy at our Galveston wellness center and day spa delivers a personalized blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream. Here are just a few reasons why IV drip therapy is gaining popularity at our med spa in Galveston TX:

Enhanced Hydration

Traditional hydration methods may not always be sufficient. IV drips deliver fluids directly into your bloodstream, ensuring optimal hydration and boosting energy levels.

Targeted Support

Our IV drip blends address specific needs, whether you’re seeking to combat fatigue, boost your immune system, or expedite recovery after an illness or injury.

Improved Nutrient Absorption

Specific vitamins and minerals have a lower absorption rate when taken orally. IV drips bypass the digestive system, delivering essential nutrients directly to your cells for optimal utilization.

Faster Results

Unlike oral supplements, IV drips deliver a concentrated dose of nutrients directly into your bloodstream, leading to quicker and more noticeable results.


IM Boosters

A Quick and Targeted Approach to Well-being

Sometimes, a quick and potent dose of essential nutrients is all you need to feel your best! IM Boosters are a convenient and effective alternative to IV therapy at our med spa Galveston Island wellness center.

These intramuscular injections deliver a targeted dose of vitamins and nutrients directly into your muscle tissue, ensuring faster absorption than oral supplements. IM Boosters are ideal for:

Addressing Specific Deficiencies

Feeling sluggish due to an iron deficiency? An IM Booster containing iron can provide a quick and effective solution.

Pre-Workout Boost

Looking for an edge before your next workout? An IM Booster containing electrolytes and B vitamins can enhance performance and endurance.

Post-Workout Recovery

Replenish vital nutrients lost during exercise with an IM Booster containing amino acids and antioxidants.

Medical Weight Loss

Achieve Lasting Results with Expert Guidance

Losing weight often feels like an uphill battle. At Island Drip & Med Spa wellness center, we offer a different approach from other day spas. Our medical weight loss program in Galveston, TX, leverages the expertise of medical professionals to create a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Here’s what sets our program apart from a traditional day spa Galveston TX:

Medical Expertise

Our team of medical professionals thoroughly assess your health and develop a plan that addresses any underlying conditions contributing to weight gain.

Customized Approach

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We create a personalized plan considering your lifestyle, medical history, and weight loss goals.

Sustainable Strategies

Our program focuses on long-term lifestyle changes like nutrition counseling and behavior modification, promoting lasting weight management success.

Comprehensive Support

We provide ongoing support throughout your weight loss journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and motivation to help you stay on track.


Embrace Full-Body Wellness at Island Drip & Med Spa

Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating IV drip on Galveston Island, a targeted IM Booster, or a comprehensive medical weight loss program, Island Drip & Med Spa is your one-stop destination for total wellness. Unlike day spas that prioritize relaxation, we offer a deeper level of well-being, addressing your physical and nutritional needs for a holistic approach to health. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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